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Udemy - Linux Administration with Advance Troubleshooting Skills | torrent letöltés súgó

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? PC or Laptop with internet Connection
? There is no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous system administrator experience on other operating system would be very beneficial.

Who is the target audience?
? Graduate Students and also for those who are in job in Linux Administration & wants to get hands-on practical experience on troubleshooting & advance level of learning Red Hat Linux
? IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essesntial administration tasks.

What Will I Learn?
? Overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
? Features of RHEL7 and comparison with RHEL6
? Linux administration & troubleshooting's (Basic System Recovery)
? Overview of Red Hat Satellite Server 6.2
? Pre-requisites of Satellite Server
? Registering the server using subscription manager
? Installation of Satellite Server Packages
? Initial Configuration for the satellite server
? Registering Satellite Server with RHN
? Downloading/Uploading manifest in Satellite Server
? Create Red Hat Repo's in Satellite Server
? Creating Activation Key for Satellite Client
? Attaching a subscription for Satellite Server
? Monitoring and tuning of CPU, Memory, IO, Network
? Familiar with Process Management
? DNS (Domain Name System)
? Apache Web Server Administration
? How to check high memory utilization on Linux Server
? How to check high CPU/Disk IO utilization on Linux Server
? User administration & Permissions in Linux
? Many labs to explain each commands & troubleshooting with examples.
? Gain sufficient skills to perform core system administration tasks on RHEL
? Build foundation skills needed by RHCSA-certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux sytem.
? Configurations of Kdump Configuration in RHEL 7
? Familiar with sudoers file
? Yum configuration and its installation on Linux Server
? FTP Server Configurations
? NFS Server Configurations
? Overview about Metadata in LVM
? How to recover failed disk in LVM or recover metadata
? Overview of Routing Table
? Understand the output of netstat -rn or route -n
? Basic Commands in Linux with examples & explainations
? Familiar with Kernel Modules
? Overview of Linux Crontab & its format
? Schedule a job for a specific period of time
? Schedule a job for every minute using cron
? Overview of OpenSSH
? What Are Some Of The OpenSSH Features?
? OpenSSH options are controlled through the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file
? Configuration of telnet server on Linux
? Linux Find Commands
? Introduction to RAID, Concepts & features of RAID
? How to configure different level of Raids like (0,1,5,6 etc)
? Automationing Installation using kickstart server

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