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Udemy - Top 25 Most Frequently Asked Programs In Technical Interview | torrent letöltés súgó

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What Will I Learn?
? Crack Programming Interviews Effortlessly
? Understand All Important Programs
? Acquire Logical Thinking
? Think Like A Computer

? Little To No Programming Knowledge!
? A Will To Learn!

Programming Interview is a major hurdle between you and a well paying job. You might be able to crack the non-technical and personal interview but you might lack the necessary skills to crack a programming interview.

Why is this the case?

Because, we are taught to learn the syntax of the programming languages rather than the program themselves.
What this does is the candidate might be excellent in the syntax of any programming language let's say Java. But, as soon as he is asked a program about prime numbers, he immediately loses his confidence because all the syntax he has learnt won't help him to write a program to check prime numbers.
For that, he'll require logical thinking
That's exactly what this course is!
By taking this course you will not only be an expert in these TOP 25 PROGRAMS which are frequently asked in programming interviews and coding tests. But, you'll also develop logical thinking(Thinking like a computer).
Logical thinking will help you to think the logic of any program first and believe me after taking this course you'll develop that. After you figure out the logic for any program, figuring out the syntax is a child's play!
So, yes these are some of the reasons you should take this course!

Who is the target audience?
? Those Who Want To Crack Programming Interviews
? Those Who Want To Understand Programs Logically
? Those Who Need Help With Programming and Coding Tests

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